Do Your Brakes Squeak, Squeal or Grind?

The telltale signs of failing brakes are starting to show up, so what is a person to do? When you hear grinding or squealing, your brake pedal feels spongy, you're noticing that it's taking more distance to stop your vehicle, or you see a "Brake" light on your dashboard, it's best to schedule an appointment with us here at Kia of Stockton.


Brakes are no laughing matter, once they fail, there is little you can do to bring your car to a stop. So, it is always best to catch them early and have them serviced or repaired before they become a catastrophic issue. Here at Kia of Stockton, we can check your brakes for any problems prior early and keep them in working order.

Brakes don't just require repair either, as timely maintenance can also help keep them operating as intended. Brake fluid is hydroscopic, meaning it retains water, over time, this water content can damage the seals inside the brake system, it can rust the metal brake lines, or it can lower the boil point of the brake fluid. Flushing the brake fluid periodically is the only way to avoid these issues.

Our staff here at our 6215 Holman Road location can provide you with the best service and get your brakes replaced in a speedy fashion. Our Stockton, Manteca, Elk Grove, and Sacramento customers are too busy to wait around for services to be done, so ask how we can help get you back to your life. We don't want service appointments to disrupt your routine, and they don't have to thanks to our excellent technicians and staff. Whether you bought your car here or not, we don't want you to feel out of sorts when something breaks. Keep up with regular service appointments to ensure nothing bad happens and that life goes on as usual.

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